A Quick Introduction To Bootstrap Studio For Beginners

Web design programs are abundant, so how do users choose? Here is a quick rundown of what Bootstrap Studio has to offer. Bootstrap Studio is touted as a “revolutionary web design tool.” It was originally designed by developers at Twitter. It was released in 2011 and has had over 20 releases since then.

Currently, Bootstrap Studio supports the multi-page design, CSS and JavaScript editing, and many other basic features. In 2019 Bootstrap Studio was officially added to the GitHub Student Pack. This addition gave students access to the program all around the world. Bootstrap Studio has a lot to offer upon installation- it has a very easy setup, an easy mobile-first approach, it is responsive, open-source (Free), uses a grid system, is very customizable, keeps quality documentation of changes, has a great community and support system, and integrates well with other existing products and APIs.

Beginner designers find Bootstrap accessible and easier than some other programs to use because it has simple layouts and easy-to-use components. Bootstrap has earned the attention and business of many large companies. Obviously, Twitter, then Spotify, Lyft, Udemy, and even LinkedIn. Bootstrap allows for designing AND prototyping. It provides a framework that allows for clean exports of coding so teams can work together on a project.

The drag and drop interface is a big hit with experienced and new designers. Like other web design programs, Bootstrap Studio allows users to create their own components. So in addition to having templates for headers, footers, galleries, and more; a team can create uniform components for any project to be shared as a library. There is also a preview feature that allows you to see your design in real-time across devices with changes showing instantly.

Another handy feature of Bootstrap Studio is that you can import an existing webpage by simply dropping the code and image files into Bootstrap Studio. Keyboard shortcuts are also intuitive and can be a lifesaver in efficiency and time management. Bootstrap Studio also offers web hosting, so you can use the “one-click” publishing feature to launch your site for free.

Bootstrap also integrates with Google Cloud Platform and WordPress. Google Webfonts are naturally integrated into the newest release of Bootstrap Studio as are more varieties of grids and icons. There are monthly updates to the software, so you will stay updated and see improvements each month. Unlike other programs, Bootstrap Studio is not a subscription, you simply buy the standard version for $29 and it comes with 1 year of upgrades. If you’d like more than 1 year, you can buy a lifetime version that is $59 and adds lifelong upgrades. Bootstrap Studio is globally distributed and also offers password protection. These features round out what is a pretty great and affordable web design and prototyping tool for designers looking for an “all in one” product. Bootstrap Studio is supported by Windows, Mac, Linux and has online support and live training as well.