Everything You Need To Know About Glasswire

Glasswire is a network monitoring program that competes with the best. The user design and interface of this program are smooth and successful. Like other programs, there are several purchase options and a free version. The main differences in the paid versions are how many PCs can be protected, how long the history is saved, and how many remote connections are permitted. The additional customization of skins, light/dark mode, and personalization settings set this monitor apart from some others.

Privacy and security are taken very seriously by most network monitoring programs and GlassWire is no different. It will show you all the connections to your PC in real-time and keep a record of past connections. It will also detect spyware, malware, suspicious apps, and any programs that are using extreme amounts of bandwidth, then it will block those connections automatically. GlassWire will also send a notification any time a new device accessed your network. GlassWire allows users to see what activity happened on their network at any time, so you can relax knowing that a record of all apps and activity will be accessible to you when you have time or want to review it. GlassWire also provides a firewall that can prevent unknown devices or apps from infecting or connecting to your network.

The “Ask to connect” feature gives total control to the user regarding network access. An IP address log and viewer will identify where in the world the hosts are and instantly update any changes. The firewall in GlassWire can also be customized for various situations including “home”, “public”, “work” or any other situation you may find important to your needs. Users can also set up a “Lock Down Mode” for times when they will be away from their machine for extended periods of time. GlassWire is available on Windows and the Google Play store as an app. GlassWire is a lightweight application that other network management programs.

The user-friendly interface and simple design provide the most features that the average administrator would want. There is a “Things” feature in this program as well, this is great because it shows users all the IoT devices that are connected to the network and provide details to the administrator. Easy to understand graphs and data analysis make this program easier and more reliable for most users as the information is understood more easily.

Some of the more advanced features of this software are, remote server monitoring, wi-fi “evil twin” detection, internet security and privacy efforts, the ability to look backward at data and review usage, and RPD connection detection, as well as an incognito mode. Support for this program is available on their main website, also there are a variety of tutorials on YouTube. There are options for a community forum post, email, user guides, and of course, professional customer service provided by the company itself. The simplicity and user-centered design are the biggest advantages of this program.