Surfshark Review – Everything You Need To Know About Surfshark

If you want a great VPN at a cheap price, Surfshark is the right VPN for you. Costing only $2.49/month for a 24-month plan, it comes with three great products, Surfshark VPN, keeping you private and secure online, Surfshark Alert to protect your identity, and Surfshark Search, to get real private search results without the hassle of going through malicious sites one by one.

Surfshark has advanced encryption technology that encrypts your internet activity so there will be no traces left. It also hides your IP address to hide your location and stops hackers from infiltrating your files, systems, and most especially, your cameras. This prevents them from looking into your surrounding areas and stops the possibility of kidnapping you. As terrifying as it seems, it’s better to stay on the safer side. Surfshark also blocks ads and malware, stopping oncoming danger with its browser, CleanWeb. CleanWeb is quite similar to other private browsers, the distinct difference with CleanWeb is its minimalist approach in design.

SurfShark also values your safety, protecting you from public wi-fi, as well. As mentioned, public wi-fi is crawling phishing baits and hackers. Luckily, Surfshark protects you from these, as well. Other VPNs don’t mention keeping your search results private, but this one does. Surfshark also mentions on its official site that Surfshark provides you with real, unbiased, and organic search results that you want to surf on the web. Just like a shark, it eats up the toxic waste (malware) that affects the fish (users).

Online, you should keep one thing secure, your identity. Once your identity is stolen online, it’s as difficult as having someone impersonate you your whole life. With Surfshark VPN, you are protected. With Surfshark Alert, you will be notified whenever there is a breach. You will be notified when any information of yours is leaked anywhere online. Surfshark also advises you to change passwords every now and then whenever it senses an upcoming breach. You are also given the option to receive quarterly personal data security reports. Places like North Korea ban the internet entirely. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep posting on social media because you can; despite the internet ban in a certain country, Surfshark lets you surf the web. Travel restrictions who? You can also unlock blocked or censored material easily. There is an ease of access through Surfshark. Although you have all these advantages and perks, you must remember the sites and material you want to access have a reason for being inaccessible. Thanks to Surfshark, you can freely skim through the material.

Saving money is also an important factor. Surfshark gets you the best prices online, offering the discounts that save you the most money. From shoes and bags, to hotel rooms and flights, the best is yet to come. Not only that, you can save money from CleanWeb as well by automatic ad blocking so ads won’t load, thus saving you data. Not to mention its cool colours, Surfshark is pleasing to the eyes.

In this article, we have discussed what Surfshark is, how it works and some of the most important features that make it such a great VPN to use. We hope that you’ve gained some valuable insight into this wonderful VPN service and are ready to try it out for yourself. If you would like to learn more about Surfshark before purchasing it, please visit their official website.