The Best Driver Finder Software You Can Use Today

IObit Driver Booster is probably one of the most popular driver updater tools on the internet. It’s supported on Steam and there is a free version that can satisfy most of your driver-caused problems. It has one of the prettiest interfaces when it comes to driver updater tools, the interface is very clean and easy to use. IObit Driver Booster scans your computer for outdated and missing drivers and delivers you a list. Each item will have a checkbox so that you can manually select the drivers that you want to install. Besides the regular drivers, Driver Booster will also scan the computer for the needed Game components that your computer might be missing, which makes IObit Driver Booster a perfect choice for gamers.

For a price of 22$, which doesn’t differ much from the other driver updater tools, you can install Driver Booster on up to 3 different PCs. This means that Driver Booster itself is much cheaper than other driver updater tools since you get 3 programs for the price of one. What many users noticed when using the IObit driver booster is that the Driver booster recognized much more drivers and missing software than other tools that they were using. This means that driver booster has a much larger database and that recognizes missing drivers much more accurately than its competition. Overall, Driver Booster supports more than 4.5 million device drivers, which is a stunning number, it’s probably the number one when it comes to the number of supported drivers.

As we mentioned before, an important feature for all driver updater tools is the possibility of doing backups. This feature will protect you from losing precious data that might occur by installing the non-stable version of drivers. However, Driver Booster automatically does backup, so you don’t have to worry about doing this manually. An interesting feature of Driver Booster is that it has a customizable interface, which doesn’t have a large impact on its functionality, but it may help you navigate a little better. There is a special exclusion option that helps your computer stay clutter-free since it will delete all the unnecessary installation data after your driver is updated. 

Unfortunately, there is a minor downside when it comes to Driver Booster. Many people are annoyed by unnecessary ads of other IObit’s products and software, and the intrusive advertisements aren’t only directed to free users, but to PRO users as well. This unnecessary element is only a minor downside compared to the awesome feature and functionality of the Driver booster. To disable this, as well as the automatic updates, you can put your Driver Booster in a silent mode, which prevents the tool from sending you notifications. You can enable this option for as long as you want. 

Besides the annoying advertisement of other IObit and popups, Driver Booster is one of the best choices when it comes to driver updater tools. It has an amazing and easy-to-navigate interface, along with many other interesting features that most other driver updater tools don’t have at all.