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IObit Driver Booster is probably one of the most popular driver updater tools on the internet. It’s supported on Steam and there is a free version that can satisfy most of your driver-caused problems. It has one of the prettiest interfaces when it comes to driver updater tools, the interface is very clean and easy to use. IObit Driver Booster scans your computer for outdated and missing drivers and delivers you a list. Each item will have a checkbox so that you can manually select the drivers that you want to install. Besides the regular drivers, Driver Booster will also scan the computer for the needed Game components that your computer might be missing, which makes IObit Driver Booster a perfect choice for gamers.

For a price of 22$, which doesn’t differ much from the other driver updater tools, you can install Driver Booster on up to 3 different PCs. This means that Driver Booster itself is much cheaper than other driver updater tools since you get 3 programs for the price of one. What many users noticed when using the IObit driver booster is that the Driver booster recognized much more drivers and missing software than other tools that they were using. This means that driver booster has a much larger database and that recognizes missing drivers much more accurately than its competition. Overall, Driver Booster supports more than 4.5 million device drivers, which is a stunning number, it’s probably the number one when it comes to the number of supported drivers.

As we mentioned before, an important feature for all driver updater tools is the possibility of doing backups. This feature will protect you from losing precious data that might occur by installing the non-stable version of drivers. However, Driver Booster automatically does backup, so you don’t have to worry about doing this manually. An interesting feature of Driver Booster is that it has a customizable interface, which doesn’t have a large impact on its functionality, but it may help you navigate a little better. There is a special exclusion option that helps your computer stay clutter-free since it will delete all the unnecessary installation data after your driver is updated. 

Unfortunately, there is a minor downside when it comes to Driver Booster. Many people are annoyed by unnecessary ads of other IObit’s products and software, and the intrusive advertisements aren’t only directed to free users, but to PRO users as well. This unnecessary element is only a minor downside compared to the awesome feature and functionality of the Driver booster. To disable this, as well as the automatic updates, you can put your Driver Booster in a silent mode, which prevents the tool from sending you notifications. You can enable this option for as long as you want. 

Besides the annoying advertisement of other IObit and popups, Driver Booster is one of the best choices when it comes to driver updater tools. It has an amazing and easy-to-navigate interface, along with many other interesting features that most other driver updater tools don’t have at all.

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Glasswire is a network monitoring program that competes with the best. The user design and interface of this program are smooth and successful. Like other programs, there are several purchase options and a free version. The main differences in the paid versions are how many PCs can be protected, how long the history is saved, and how many remote connections are permitted. The additional customization of skins, light/dark mode, and personalization settings set this monitor apart from some others.

Privacy and security are taken very seriously by most network monitoring programs and GlassWire is no different. It will show you all the connections to your PC in real-time and keep a record of past connections. It will also detect spyware, malware, suspicious apps, and any programs that are using extreme amounts of bandwidth, then it will block those connections automatically. GlassWire will also send a notification any time a new device accessed your network. GlassWire allows users to see what activity happened on their network at any time, so you can relax knowing that a record of all apps and activity will be accessible to you when you have time or want to review it. GlassWire also provides a firewall that can prevent unknown devices or apps from infecting or connecting to your network.

The “Ask to connect” feature gives total control to the user regarding network access. An IP address log and viewer will identify where in the world the hosts are and instantly update any changes. The firewall in GlassWire can also be customized for various situations including “home”, “public”, “work” or any other situation you may find important to your needs. Users can also set up a “Lock Down Mode” for times when they will be away from their machine for extended periods of time. GlassWire is available on Windows and the Google Play store as an app. GlassWire is a lightweight application that other network management programs.

The user-friendly interface and simple design provide the most features that the average administrator would want. There is a “Things” feature in this program as well, this is great because it shows users all the IoT devices that are connected to the network and provide details to the administrator. Easy to understand graphs and data analysis make this program easier and more reliable for most users as the information is understood more easily.

Some of the more advanced features of this software are, remote server monitoring, wi-fi “evil twin” detection, internet security and privacy efforts, the ability to look backward at data and review usage, and RPD connection detection, as well as an incognito mode. Support for this program is available on their main website, also there are a variety of tutorials on YouTube. There are options for a community forum post, email, user guides, and of course, professional customer service provided by the company itself. The simplicity and user-centered design are the biggest advantages of this program.

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Web design programs are abundant, so how do users choose? Here is a quick rundown of what Bootstrap Studio has to offer. Bootstrap Studio is touted as a “revolutionary web design tool.” It was originally designed by developers at Twitter. It was released in 2011 and has had over 20 releases since then.

Currently, Bootstrap Studio supports the multi-page design, CSS and JavaScript editing, and many other basic features. In 2019 Bootstrap Studio was officially added to the GitHub Student Pack. This addition gave students access to the program all around the world. Bootstrap Studio has a lot to offer upon installation- it has a very easy setup, an easy mobile-first approach, it is responsive, open-source (Free), uses a grid system, is very customizable, keeps quality documentation of changes, has a great community and support system, and integrates well with other existing products and APIs.

Beginner designers find Bootstrap accessible and easier than some other programs to use because it has simple layouts and easy-to-use components. Bootstrap has earned the attention and business of many large companies. Obviously, Twitter, then Spotify, Lyft, Udemy, and even LinkedIn. Bootstrap allows for designing AND prototyping. It provides a framework that allows for clean exports of coding so teams can work together on a project.

The drag and drop interface is a big hit with experienced and new designers. Like other web design programs, Bootstrap Studio allows users to create their own components. So in addition to having templates for headers, footers, galleries, and more; a team can create uniform components for any project to be shared as a library. There is also a preview feature that allows you to see your design in real-time across devices with changes showing instantly.

Another handy feature of Bootstrap Studio is that you can import an existing webpage by simply dropping the code and image files into Bootstrap Studio. Keyboard shortcuts are also intuitive and can be a lifesaver in efficiency and time management. Bootstrap Studio also offers web hosting, so you can use the “one-click” publishing feature to launch your site for free.

Bootstrap also integrates with Google Cloud Platform and WordPress. Google Webfonts are naturally integrated into the newest release of Bootstrap Studio as are more varieties of grids and icons. There are monthly updates to the software, so you will stay updated and see improvements each month. Unlike other programs, Bootstrap Studio is not a subscription, you simply buy the standard version for $29 and it comes with 1 year of upgrades. If you’d like more than 1 year, you can buy a lifetime version that is $59 and adds lifelong upgrades. Bootstrap Studio is globally distributed and also offers password protection. These features round out what is a pretty great and affordable web design and prototyping tool for designers looking for an “all in one” product. Bootstrap Studio is supported by Windows, Mac, Linux and has online support and live training as well.

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If you want a great VPN at a cheap price, Surfshark is the right VPN for you. Costing only $2.49/month for a 24-month plan, it comes with three great products, Surfshark VPN, keeping you private and secure online, Surfshark Alert to protect your identity, and Surfshark Search, to get real private search results without the hassle of going through malicious sites one by one.

Surfshark has advanced encryption technology that encrypts your internet activity so there will be no traces left. It also hides your IP address to hide your location and stops hackers from infiltrating your files, systems, and most especially, your cameras. This prevents them from looking into your surrounding areas and stops the possibility of kidnapping you. As terrifying as it seems, it’s better to stay on the safer side. Surfshark also blocks ads and malware, stopping oncoming danger with its browser, CleanWeb. CleanWeb is quite similar to other private browsers, the distinct difference with CleanWeb is its minimalist approach in design.

SurfShark also values your safety, protecting you from public wi-fi, as well. As mentioned, public wi-fi is crawling phishing baits and hackers. Luckily, Surfshark protects you from these, as well. Other VPNs don’t mention keeping your search results private, but this one does. Surfshark also mentions on its official site that Surfshark provides you with real, unbiased, and organic search results that you want to surf on the web. Just like a shark, it eats up the toxic waste (malware) that affects the fish (users).

Online, you should keep one thing secure, your identity. Once your identity is stolen online, it’s as difficult as having someone impersonate you your whole life. With Surfshark VPN, you are protected. With Surfshark Alert, you will be notified whenever there is a breach. You will be notified when any information of yours is leaked anywhere online. Surfshark also advises you to change passwords every now and then whenever it senses an upcoming breach. You are also given the option to receive quarterly personal data security reports. Places like North Korea ban the internet entirely. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep posting on social media because you can; despite the internet ban in a certain country, Surfshark lets you surf the web. Travel restrictions who? You can also unlock blocked or censored material easily. There is an ease of access through Surfshark. Although you have all these advantages and perks, you must remember the sites and material you want to access have a reason for being inaccessible. Thanks to Surfshark, you can freely skim through the material.

Saving money is also an important factor. Surfshark gets you the best prices online, offering the discounts that save you the most money. From shoes and bags, to hotel rooms and flights, the best is yet to come. Not only that, you can save money from CleanWeb as well by automatic ad blocking so ads won’t load, thus saving you data. Not to mention its cool colours, Surfshark is pleasing to the eyes.

In this article, we have discussed what Surfshark is, how it works and some of the most important features that make it such a great VPN to use. We hope that you’ve gained some valuable insight into this wonderful VPN service and are ready to try it out for yourself. If you would like to learn more about Surfshark before purchasing it, please visit their official website.

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Even though QuickTime Player comes pre-installed on the macOS, some users may not be aware of its capabilities. However, the older versions of QuickTime are now compatible with Windows. Nonetheless, it is a high-performing media player, which all others should consider. It is another simple media player that is doing the basics very well.

Key features, much like VLC, include encoding and transcoding video, audio, picture, and sound formats to another, including handling various formats of digital video, picture, and sound. It also saves existing QuickTime movies from the internet directly to hard disk drives. It saves embedded video in its original format regardless of what that format is. Naturally, unlike VLC, QuickTime Player can play the iTunes M4V files. 

While QuickTime Player may not have as many features as some of the more robust players available, such as VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player, it still has all of the essentials for watching videos and listening to music. QuickTime Player can open a variety of file formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI formats. 

Another great feature of QuickTime is that it allows you to edit videos in addition to importing them into the player itself. This includes trimming videos down along with modifying their attributes like size and frame rate. It’s also possible to add transitions between video clips and split up portions of your videos. 

QuickTime Player also has a recording function where you can use your MacBook camera and/or microphone to record a video or make a screen recording. This is a particularly useful function for teachers, academics, or remote working professionals where demonstrating tasks can be done from a screen. 

Like most macOS software, the QuickTime Player user interface is sleek and functional with well-thought-out and user-friendly functions. Also, as is very typical with Apple, user experience is enhanced if you can pair your devices. If you have an iPhone, you can mirror your devices with QuickTime Player and watch on a bigger screen. 

Certainly, QuickTime Player is the preferred option for playing videos you’ve recorded on your iPhone. However, unlike VLC, QuickTime Player can struggle with downloaded videos or more obscure file formats. It also does not support .srt files, which are the most common subtitle formats. 


If you’ve never heard of QuickTime Player, then it may be time to give this amazing piece of software a chance. You can download it for free and use it on any Mac computer running macOS 10.6 or later. It has an intuitive interface, plus there are plenty of features that make this video player worth checking out – even if your Mac comes with QuickTime already installed by default!